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50 Yarrow Stalks   3 Coins   Numbers   6- and 8-Side Dice
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Line (Yao) 2      
Line (Yao) 1      


First, have your question ready. Best write the question down. Write down the question makes it clear what you want to ask. It also helps to focus on the question during the process.

Using the Tools

There are many tools people use for I Ching Divination. Please refer to Reference section for details on how to use these tools. Here is the instruction on how to enter the results to get answer.
Yarrow Stalks
Using 50 yarrow stalk, or sticks, is the recommended approcach. It takes lot more time, but gives you chance to focus on your question.

With yarrow stalk, there are 6 rounds of operations. At the end of each round, there will be either 6, 7, 8 or 9 piles (with 4 each) of stalks placed on the table. The numbers represent lines of the Hexagram. Enter numbers from line 1 to line 6 as indicated.

3 Coins
Using three coins is probably more common than others.

Here, enter the number of heads you get. It can be either 0, 1, 2 or 3. The number will be translated to the equivalent line on the Hexagram.

When none of the tools are available, use three numbers in random.

Each number should be 3 to 6 digits long. Enter the number, then click on "Next" to proceed.

You will need to throw the 8-side die twice, and the 6-side die once.

The first value from the 8-side die is for the lower Trigram. The second value from the 8-side die is for the upper Trigram. The final value from the 6-side die is the changing line on the Hexagram.

For any other tools that are not listed, you may convert them to Hexagram lines and choose 50 Yarrow Stalk to enter the values.

Get Answer

After you entered all values, the answer is available. You may want to use the books that you have, or read the answers on this web site. Click on "Get Answer" button, when you are ready.

You will be given the Judgment first.

Often times, you will want to read more from the Book of I Ching. Click on "See Answer" link to bring you to the complete text on answers.

About Demo

The Demo button shows possible results from using the selected tool. It is not meant for getting an answer for your question. If you need an answer, it is best that you get it yourself instead of letting the computer do it for you.

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