Additional Packages

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There are packages that will be helpful to your coding experience with MonoDevelop. These packages are optional. You may skip them entirely, or install the ones that you find interesting. For packages that relate to database, I am saving them to a separate article.

These packages should be well known to experienced C# developers. The focus of this article will be on installation and highlight the major differences when used with MonoDevelop and Visual Studio.

Here is the summary of packages:

  • StyleCop: This package validates the C# coding style. It is used by many C# developers as coding standard.
  • NUnit: A popular testing tool used by many C# developers.
  • GIT: Version control tool.
  • NLog: Program logging tool.


StyleCop is an Add-In to MonoDevelop.



There are several version control tools that work with MonoDevelop. I use GIT as an example.


Often time, the programs on SBC are designed to run unattended. Logging is important to monitor the performance of the programs. NLog can be very handy where logging is required.

It is possible to write the log entries to database. I will cover NLog with database in the Database article.

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